How I Can Help


Whether you have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer and are looking for the best integrative approach for your treatment, or are simply interested in a personalized health program, I can help to answer all of your health questions with a telephone or Skype consultation. Consultations are 30 minutes, but I always allow for one hour in case you need the extra time. If you live in the United States or Canada, you can use our convenient scheduler to make your telephone appointment. If you live internationally, please email me at: and I will arrange for a consultation using Skype or Zoom.


* If you have had a recent thermography study that I interpreted and would like for me to go over the results with you, please DO NOT use the on-line appointment scheduler. Instead, please email me at so that I can arrange for your consultation time.

*If you are a healthcare provider referred to me by June Drennon at Florida Medical Thermography, please DO NOT use the on-line appointment scheduler. Instead, please email me at so that I can arrange for us to meet on a Zoom call.

Schedule a one on one telephone or Skype consultation with me for answers to all your health questions on an integrative approach to breast cancer or general health and wellness

Telephone consultations for breast cancer, or health and wellness - $135/30 minutes, $270/ 60 min
Credit card payments taken at the end of the call.
I WILL CALL YOU at your appointment time - it is listed as PACIFIC TIME!


I value and trust her advice

"Dr. Horner is a truly gifted resource person in the battle against cancer. Her research is more extensive than that of any other doc I have encountered. I value and trust her advice. She is approachable and her opinions are geared toward the individual - not the "standard of care." Thank you Dr. Horner for being out there." B. H., New York

How grateful I am to have found my way to her

"Not wanting to have a "health coach" with whom I could speak I scheduled a phone consultation with Dr. Horner. What a truly positive, encouraging, informative experience it was. Dr. Horner was extremely easy to speak with as she questioned, listened, and then made recommendations regarding my concerns. There was none of the high pressure or disapproval that I have come to expect from the mainstream doctors concerning estrogen suppression. Dr. Horner has compassion, first hand family experience with cancer and all that it involves, and scientific data to support her suggestions and beliefs. She is a learned professional - with heart - who deals with cancer patients as they struggle physically, mentally, and emotionally. She is non-judgmental and extremely supportive. She did not attempt to sell anything while recommending pathways to achieve vibrant, total body, disease free health. She expressed a willingness to consult with an ayurvedic oncologist I have found in my hometown area. How rare is that?! I must emphasize that Dr. Horner was able to, with sensitivity, assess my current concerns and needs as a cancer patient, not yet at the five year survival point, from a distance of 3000 miles far better than my cancer docs do face to face with only a desk separating us. She listens rather than expecting to be listened to. She does all of this without a prescription pad or a 10 minute time slot. How grateful I am to have found my way to her. She is available to anyone who needs or desires her medical expertise. Feel comfortable and confident when considering contacting her." B.H. New York

Your help was invaluable

"I can't tell you how much you have helped me. I didn't know what to do and you helped me to solidly know what I wanted to do. Your help was invaluable." D.L., California

I'm so grateful she offers this service.

"I talked to Dr. Horner several times. Every time I spoke with her I felt so much better. She is so knowledgeable. She helped me so much through the various stages of my treatment. I'm so grateful she offers this service." C.L. Canada

I got off the phone feeling uplifted...

"Talking to Dr. Horner lifted my spirits and helped me to feel much more positive about my prognosis. I got off the phone feeling uplifted, knowing I had lots of tools in my arsenal, and really it was as if she'd taken some of the burden off my back and returned some of my joy. There are so many positive ways to view this "gift," and I intend to do that and more! So grateful. Thank you Thank you." L.B.