Christine Horner, MD FACS - Author of Chapter 11:
A Plastic Surgeon's Secrets to Health

The Fountain

For millennia people have been searching for the elusive fountain of youth - the key to living a long, healthy, productive, and fulfilling life. Is it merely a matter of luck or good genes that some of us reach advanced years free of disease, debility, and disability? Or are there proven strategies that we can adopt to make our lives longer, stronger, and altogether more rewarding?

In The Fountain, pioneers and leaders in the fields of healing, wellness, nutrition, vitamin and mineral therapy, exercise physiology, and beauty share the wisdom they've gained to guide all of us to the fountain of youth.

Topics addressed in these easy-to-read, succinct essays include:

  • How the interactions among nutrition, exercise, and meaningful work and relationships enhance wellness at every stage
  • How vitamin therapy can guard against chronic disease, even into old age
  • How proper nutrition prevents the onset of disease and boosts well-being
  • How cultivating relationships eases stress and buffers against disease
  • How meditation and other relaxation practices lead to lifelong wellness
  • How natural strategies enhance beauty at all ages

The Fountain is a book readers will return to again and again in their personal quests for natural, holistic ways to make each moment count as they rack up more days of healthful life.

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