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"From keynotes for large groups to smaller private events, there's nothing I love more than sharing my knowledge to achieve extraordinary health, while making people laugh."
-Dr. Christine Horner

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Why You Need to Detoxify

Five thousand years ago, the wholistic system of medicine Ayurveda recognized the extreme importance of detoxifying the body on a regular basis because of the toxins that build up in the body as a byproduct of normal cellular metabolism, by incomplete digestion, and emotional stress. At that time, all foods were grown without chemicals, the air and water were clean, and there were no cell phones, microwaves, or plastics. Now, we are exposed to an unprecedented amount of dangerous chemicals, poisonous foods and electromagnetic energy. If you are interested in becoming and staying healthy, detoxifying on a regular basis is no longer an option. In this lecture Dr. Horner discusses various forms of detoxification-from simple ones that can be done at home, to profound programs done in a medical clinic such as Ayurveda's panchakarma.

Natural Approaches to Breast Cancer Prevention

An unspoken fear haunts most women today-the fear that breast cancer is inevitable, and that the clock is ticking. Everyone knows someone who has it or who has had it. That's because breast cancer has reached epidemic proportions in the United States, and the incidence continues to climb at alarming rates. What can we do about it? A lot! Research shows that breast cancer is a largely preventable disease. In this seminar, Dr. Horner shares lifesaving information: The many research-proven natural approaches--what to do and what not to do--that can dramatically protect against breast cancer and help women who have this disease improve their chances of surviving it. Participants will learn over 30 different lifesaving dietary, supplements and lifestyle choices proven to be highly effective against the development and progression of breast cancer. These same techniques also help to protect against many other diseases and help one to achieve and maintain excellent health.

Stress Busting: How to Squelch the Damaging Effects of Chronic Stress

Let's face it-life is stressful. Every day "stuff" happens that can send us into a state of "fight or flight." The National Institute of Health has said that stress plays a significant role in 90% of illnesses-mental and physical. So learning how to subdue the damaging effects of it is crucial for good health. Stress is not something out there-it is purely an internal reaction and there are many ways that you can put the skids on it. In this seminar, Dr. Horner shares all the research-proven, simple, natural techniques that can help you squelch this dangerous killer.

Ayurveda: The Rediscovery of a Powerful Ancient System of Health and Prevention

Western Medicine holds little knowledge about how to create and maintain health. Fortunately, there is a 5,000 year old system of holistic health from India called Ayurveda that does. Ayurveda holds the secrets to living a long healthy life free from disease. This seminar presents the fundamental principals and techniques of this fascinating ancient system of medicine. Participants will gain insight to their individual physiological constitutions and to a few simple, but powerful ways to dramatically improve their health.

Natural Approaches to Preventing and Treating Chronic Disorders

Chronic disorders like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and the most common types of cancer are largely preventable through natural approaches. Multiple different seminars are available on these topics. One seminar presents the overall type of diet and lifestyle that produces good health based on the principal of Ayurveda. Seminars are also available on each specific disease condition. You chose the chronic disorder, and Dr. Horner will present a seminar on all the research-proven natural approaches to protect against and treat that disease.

The Secrets to Extraordinary Health and Beauty

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Horner specialized in helping people turn back the clock and look their best. Her tool kit was composed of surgery, lasers, and chemicals to alter her patient's external appearance. It contained nothing to improve their "inside" age or health. When Dr. Horner was introduced to the ancient holistic system, Ayurveda, she was shocked to see that she looked 10 years younger and also had never felt better in her life after only 48 hours of treatments! It was then that she realized the radiant youthful glow that her patients sought could not be achieved with plastic surgery-it could only appear as a result of radiant health. In this presentation, Dr. Horner reveals the secrets of Ayurveda along with the most effective research-proven natural approaches-foods, supplements, lifestyle choices, and new innovative technologies-that can help you to achieve an extraordinary state of health, radiant beauty, and the pleasure of a long life.

The Dangers of EMFs

Cell phones, Ipods, PDAs, computers, hair dryers, microwaves-we are surrounded by wired and wireless devices-all of which produce EMFs. EMFs is now being recognized as a source of a new dangerous pollution: electrical pollution. Electrical pollution interfere with the ability of our cells to communicate with each other, disrupt the blood brain barrier, damage our DNA and significantly increase the risk of brain tumors, breast cancer and leukemia. It can also add to the severity of many chronic disorders from migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, to ADD and autism. In this seminar, Dr. Horner tells you exactly how avoid and protect against the damaging effects of EMFs.

You're a rock star!

"The feedback from attendees on the material you presented was overwhelming positive. Thanks you for sharing your thoughts, perspectives and recommendations at our Event. I'm confident the recommendations you provided and insights you shared will impact the lives of many people in a positive manner." -C.K., Dan Diego

Dr. Horner was phenomenal as always!

"Dr. Christine Horner, M.D. was phenomenal as always! She has such a fabulous stage presence and she gave an informative and enlightening presentation in the most dynamic and entertaining way. Dr. Horner has a real gift for captivating an audience and leaving a memorable impression on everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and wanted to send much gratitude your way!" B.S., Miami

Dr. Horner was excellent!

"I enjoy speakers like Christine who present in-depth information. Very Meaty. Just want I am looking for. Your presentation [Dr. Horner] was well-researched and documented, thoughtfully organized, and presented in a fun, relaxed interactive style. A winning combination. I learned many new (and startling) things, and appreciate your commitment and passion to make this information available and easily understood." B.S., Miami

Christine Horner will "wow" any crowd

"She is a terrific speaker who is simultaneously informative and irreverent. Dr. Horner is exceedingly polished as well as unabashedly honest. It is a real treat to listen to her - you can't help but walk away amused and educated." Julie Silver, MD Assistant Professor Harvard Medical School Department of PM&R, Harvard CME Course Director: Publishing Books, Memoirs and Other Creative Nonfiction and award winning author of more than a dozen books including After Cancer Treatment: Heal Faster, Better, Stronger

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