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Working Closely Together

DotCom Global Media is a highly rated website design and digital marketing agency based in New Jersey. After a long search, it was clear they were the best choice to address our needs. It was a great choice!

What We Were Looking For

First and foremost, we wanted an agency that has been around and has experience. Our website is too important to our business to trust it to an amateur or an untested company. I prefer to let them "practice" on someone elses website, not ours! DotCom was a perfect fit for this. They have been in business since 1995 and have built thousands of websites.

Quality Work & Talent
We wanted our website to be great ... to be the best reflection of our company that it could be. DotCom's portfolio and samples were awesome. Clearly better than every other agency we had spoken with. Even at first glance, I could see their work was excellent ... but as they took the time to educate me it became clear that they are heads and tails above most other agencies. I now understand why awesome companies like Nike and Disney have worked with DotCom. They are THAT GOOD.

Our previous web agency was impossible to work with. They were sometimes slow to get back to us, they were late on nearly everything, and they always made me feel like they were doing me a favor - while I was paying them! This is another area where DotCom excels. Throughout the entire time I have been working with them, they are always responsive, friendly, and effective. They are true professionals in an industry where professionalism is in short supply.

Visit DotCom's Website to see how they can help you too. I highly recommend them!

More About Our Project

Here are additional details about our project, how we worked with DotCom, and what their capabilities are.

We worked closely with DotCom to develop a digital strategy that would help us to achieve our goals. They have some very powerful tools and a tonj of experience - which allowed us to develop an awesome winning strategy.

NJ Digital Strategy Agency
Perhaps the most obvious work we did together was in the design of the website. DotCom was able to deliver the website exactly as we wanted it. They gave us so much guidance about how to make our ideas even better. In the end, the website turned out better than I was even hoping for.

NJ Website Design Agency
Despite having worked with several other web companies and marketing agencies in the past, our website and entire digital presence was weak. DotCom came in and changed everything. They were able to show us where the problems were and how to fix them. They mapped out a process that fit our budget and has helped us grow steadily since the day we hired them.

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